Stephan Reinhardt hat in Parker' Wine Advocate 226 vom August 2016 den ersten Teil seiner Deutschland-Verkostungsergebnisse veröffentlicht. Dabei erhielten Wagner-Stempel und Kai Schätzel herausragende Bewertungen:



"I ought to be terribly wrong if 2015 is not the obvious best vintage that Daniel Wagner and his viticulturist, Oliver Müller, have ever produced.“


2015 Riesling trocken Gutswein, Wagner-Stempel 8,90 €

89+ Punkte: "From porphyry soils and picked pretty late between October 5th and 15th, the 2015 Riesling trocken Gutswein opens with a ripe and intense, but clear, lemon-fresh and spicy-mineral bouquet that already gives this estate wine a serious expression of the Siefersheim terroir. Bottled with 12% alcohol, this is a medium to full-bodied and juicy, very aromatic Riesling. This wine comes from ripe grapes whose power and rich aromas are carried by a pronounced and very mineral acidity to the finish. This elegant and finessed wine is stunningly lean, precise and racy. Seriously, I would not serve it before 2018 at the earliest, whereas this should still be an excellent Riesling in ten years."


2015 Weißburgunder Gutswein, Wagner-Stempel 8,90 €

90 Punkte: "The 2015 Weissburgunder Trocken Gutswein opens with a very elegant and precise bouquet of ripe pears, yellow apples, crushed stones, a touch of brioche, a dash of lemon juice and a remarkable finesse. Medium-bodied, lean and dry, with an intense fruit and a frisky acidity, this wine is very elegant and perfectly balanced. However, it is still terribly young and will improve over the years in the bottle."


2015 Riesling Porphyr, Wagner-Stempel 16,00 €

92 Punkte: "Picked between October 8 and 27, the 2015 Siefersheim Riesling Trocken Porphyry is clear, ripe and intense on the complex, yet delicate nose, with its herbal and stony flavors. However, it is also still a bit untamed seven weeks after the bottling, which was at the end of April 2016. Intense, lush and juicy in the palate, with great finesse and mineral piquancy, this has ripe and elegant acidity. This is a Premier Cru level with tension, expression, and seductive roundness and juiciness. The finish is pure and salty. The balance is remarkable. One of the finest village wines I have ever tasted from this domaine. Highly recommended."


2015 Höllberg Riesling GG, Wagner-Stempel 27,00 €

93-94 Punkte: "The intensely yellow-colored 2015 Siefersheimer Höllberg Riesling trocken GG is ripe and intense, yet also precise and stony on the nose; it has crushed iron stones and lemon flavors, but also some herbal and tropical fruit aromas. Full-bodied, round and rich, this is an intense wine. It is elegant, fresh and racy, as well as vital and very mineral. There is a stunning grip and purity in the finish. It is dense and round, but also provided with a mouth-filling salinity, stony character and a firm structure. The fruit is mainly yellow-fleshed (but there are super ripe or even dried white fruit flavors, as well), perfectly ripe and interwoven with the stony, salty-mineral purity and the grippy structure. This is probably one of the most—if not the most—vivid, pure and tension-filled Höllberg that the WS team has ever produced. I have often found this respectable wine from a pretty warm spot to be too rich and broad, especially when compared to the leaner and cooler Heerkretz. But the 2015 combines the juicy ripeness with the purity, tension and lingeringly salty smell of weathered rocks. It's a fascinating wine that was picked in between October 8-16 and should age for 15, probably 20 years."


2015 Heerkretz Riesling GG, WAgner-Stempel 32,00 €

94-95 Punkte: "From "petite Siberia," the 2015 Siefersheimer Heerkretz Riesling trocken GG was picked very late between October 20 and 27; it displays a beautifully clear, intense, precise and smoky/mineral bouquet. There are herbal and oaky/chalky Burgundian notes, but wine is also shy. Its lush tropical aromas come along as an association rather than real fruit. Round and highly elegant on the palate, this is a dry, very refined, mineral and salty Riesling of great complexity. The wine has loads of salt and is provided with a long and persistent finish. The 2015 is fresh and chalky (though there is no chalk at all in the volcanic porphyry soils), as well as in perfect balance. It is Wagner's most "Burgundian" Riesling and the finest Heerkretz that I can remember. The wine is chalky (though there is no chalk at all in the volcanic porphyry soils), dry and fresh; it should be excellent with food. I'd love to try it from a Burgundy glass, once. Compared to Höllberg, the Heerkretz is pretty restrained, but very precise. A great, great Riesling and one of the finest 2015s in all of Germany."


Kai Schätzel

"Cultivating 12 organic hectares of vines in Nierstein, Kai Schätze has been one of the shooting stars of the Rheinhessen in the past few years. He has been VDP member since 2016 and focuses mainly on the classics, Riesling and Silvaner. Schätzel presents a very unique wine style; he aims for pure and refreshing wines, with true terroir character and does not accept any over-ripeness, botrytis or corrections in the old traditions of the cellar. He is one of the very few producers who starts, like Mathieu Kauffmann (von Buhl, Pfalz), harvesting very early—about 100 days after the flowering. Thus, you do not find any tropical fruit aromas in his wines, or something I would describe as powerful or charming. In fact—and due to their coolish, frisky, finessed, rather light and grippy character—they remind me of the old times, the pre global-warming years. Fermented in traditional oak vats and foudres, these wines probably won't win any blind tastings, but with a bit of maturity, Schätzel's Rieslings and even Sylvaners are perfect to drink and match with many kinds of food. Along with Reichsrat von Buhl (Pfalz), Schäzel is one of the most exciting and interesting new developments in German wine culture. You can't find better Kabinett Rieslings (well, Keller would be a rival) and the quality of the dry, entry-level Riesling is already spectacularly high. Riesling lovers have to check out this domaine, whose most prestigious Riesling is indeed a Kabinett from the Pettenthal grand cru."


2014 Riesling trocken, Kai Schätzel 9,50 €

90 Punkte: "The 2014 Riesling has a lovely, pure, clear, deep and spicy aroma of white stone fruits. There is a lot of raciness and finesse on the palate and a juicy, round and aromatic Riesling fruit. This is a beautiful, good old times Riesling with just 11% alcohol. It has a perfect balance of fruit, salt, grip, acidity and sweetness. The finish is stunning and full of character. This is a Riesling to enjoy and to drink with or without food, friends or ambitions. Like in 2015, it is one of my favorites in the Schätzel program and the dry counterpart to the beautiful Kabinett."


2015 Riesling trocken, Kai Schätzel 9,50 €

90 Punkte: "Schätzel's citrus and stony-flavored 2015 Riesling is clear, straight, pure and piquant on the palate, really light, but seriously structured. It reveals a stimulating and endless salty finish. This is an electrifying Riesling à la Saar or Tim Fröhlich's Nahe, with moderate 11% alcohol. The finish is long and has such a stimulating grip that I can't stop tasting this wine. A miracle. Certainly a Must Have and respectively a Must Drink."


2015 Riesling Kabinett (feinherb), Kai Schätzel 13,50 €

92 Punkte: "The 2015 Nierstein Riesling Kabinett has a clear, bright and complex bouquet with a refined mineral expression and the slightly nutty-flavored character of a traditional, oak-fermented (Ürzig/Mosel) Riesling classic. Round and sweet on the light and filigreed palate, this is a very clear and piquant, picture-book Kabinett. It has a long and salty finish. This wine is extremely stimulating. A classic and a beautiful Kabinett! Don't miss it."


2014 Nackenheim Silvaner, Kai Schätzel 22,00 €

93 Punkte: "The 2014 Nackenheim Silvaner is very clear, pure and flinty on the nose, with fresh white pip fruit aromas, crushed stone flavors and a dash of fresh lemon juice. The finely racy attack is followed by a bone dry, clear, elegant and finessed wine with grip, tension and a lingering piquancy. Very long and stimulating because of the grippy phenols. A great and serious Silvaner."


2014 Pettenthal Riesling GG, Kai Schätzel 35,00 €

94 Punkte: "Kai Schätzel's 2014 Nierstein Pettenthal Riesling GG has a generous and intense, but clear and deep nose that unfolds the Pettenthal grand cru in a very appealing way; discreet, lovely, pure and subtle, but also ripe and multilayered. The wine is enormously pure and salty on the palate, a mouthful of character, full and greatly structured. It has lots of finesse and terroir expression. The phenolic grip is mouthwatering and the aromas are very much Pettenthal. The finish is immense and full of tension and juice. The 2014 Pettenthal is probably Schätzel's finest wine, so far. Bravo!"